Friday 1 October 2020

75th Anniversary of Electrification (Greece, 1979)

This one took some unpacking – I am often thankful for online translators which offer keyboards for different alphabets. This rather funky design celebrates the 75th anniversary of the electrification of the Piraeus Borders Railway. A bit of Wiki-ing and I’m taking it to be the Piraeus-Athens railway which was indeed electrified in 1904.

The route from Piraeus to Kifissia opened in 1869 as a metropolitan subway service and is one of the oldest subway services in the world. Originally designed for steam engines, the line was largely above ground; however, as the line extended, underground sections were built.

I don’t have much I can add on this. Perhaps I’m surprised about how old Greece’s subway system is – you only really hear about ancient Greece, so a bit of insight into Industrial Revolution Greece is unusual. I do love the design though…

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