Stamp of the Day

Welcome to Stamp of the Day. It’s a simple thing. Every day, I’ll post a picture of a stamp and perhaps a little commentary about it. That’s it.

My name is Lizzie Boyle: I’m a sometime comics writer and editor, sometime environmentalist, sometime local councillor. When I was little, my Nana and Great Aunt had books and folders of stamps, presumably to occupy my brother and I when we visited so they could just get stuck into the gin. I have fond memories of opening up packets of stamps that appeared from somewhere, a recollection of the name Stanley Gibbons, and a tactile memory of the little strips of sticky tape that we rolled up to stick the stamps in the book.

Digging through some family stuff recently, I found the Trusty Stamp Book and an accompanying folder. And I figured, well, hell, it’s coronavirus lockdown, the world needs more stamp-based blogging right now. So here we are.

So go, explore the stamps. Use them as inspiration for stories, as educational resources to prompt research activities or discussions about the topics they feature, as flights of fancy or simply as pretty and intriguing things to discover.

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