Tuesday 2 June 2020

Commuter Train (Germany, 1975)

This one is personal. It’s for my brother Nick, who passed away from lymphoma at the start of this year. Nick was all about trains. I mean, seriously, ALL about trains.

As kids, holidays always featured a trip to a steam railway, a rail museum or, if all else failed, a chilly platform of a major station. As he grew older, his holidays became these epic voyages around Europe, all by train. He travelled through Eastern and Central Europe on a railcard, a wing, a prayer and some rudimentary German and Russian phrases. When he got sick and could no longer work, he spent hours building a model railway based in the US and filled with pop culture references.

Today would have been Nick’s 51st birthday. So this humble commuter train from mid-1970s German is for him.

No Wikipedia link today (if you’re interested in German commuter trains, I’m sure you can find something to slake your curiosity). Instead a link to Tenovus Cancer Care, who were and remain an epic source of support to families dealing with cancer. If you’ve got a spare quid, please donate.


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