Monday 1 June 2020

Aquamarine (Kenya, 1977)

Aquamarine, so the Romans believed, protected travellers from perils at sea whilst also providing energy and curing laziness. More prosaically, it’s a type of beryl, a category of bluey-greeny stones that also includes the emerald. The largest lump of aquamarine ever mined weighed in at 110 kilos or 243 lbs, which is roughly the weight of a giant panda.

Back to the Romans: if you carve the figure of a frog onto aquamarine, it will reconcile enemies. Oh, and it was a symbol of young love and an ideal present from a new groom to his bride. OK – seriously – if you’ve got 10 minutes, visit the Jewels For Me link below and read a whole history of associations ascribed to aquamarine….

This is a sister stamp to Amethyst featured here back on 19 April.

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