Thursday 24 September 2020

Tractor (Pakistan, 1978)

A while back we explored the world of definitives. These are the standard postage stamp designs in a country that endure long after the commemorative and special edition stamps have disappeared. Here in the UK, it’s the monarch’s head in profile. In Pakistan, there have been several theme including repeated occurrences of the tractor. As well as tracking social and political trends in a country, they’re quite useful at tracking currency fluctuations and the rate of inflation…

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, accounting for 19% of GDP and employing over 40% of its workforce. Major crops are wheat and cotton and Pakistan is also the fourth largest producer of mangoes in the world. Pakistan faces challenges related to land rights and ownership and to irrigation, which will put continuing pressure on its agricultural sectors but it’s a fertile landscape for crops, animals and fish.

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