4 September 2020

Space Laboratory (Germany, 1975)

The caption at the base of this stamp reads Weltraumlabor which the internet translates for me as space laboratory or SpaceLab.

SpaceLab was a collaborative project between NASA and the European Space Research Organisation (now the European Space Agency) to create a lab module which would sit within the Space Shuttle. Construction started in 1974 and, whilst it sat out the first couple of Shuttle missions, it became a fixture of more than 20 missions between 1983 and 2000. SpaceLab included lab modules, external pallets for carrying stuff and an igloo module, which carried specialised equipment on non-manned flights. (I’m paraphrasing quickly here, forgive me if I’m getting things wrong!)

Check out the first link for the quick summary and the second for more detail…



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