Friday 17 July 2020

Almsee (Austria, 1977)

Almsee is a lake in Upper Austria; it’s about 2.3km long and 700m wide and it looks stunning! It’s popular with fishermen for its rich harvest of trout, grayling and char and is known for its large population of greylag geese. Its main connected waterway is the River Alm, but it also has a number of underground tributaries which feed into the atmospherically named Dead Mountains. One of the main tree species on its banks is called the Dead Tree, so I’m getting a bit concerned now…

It’s a Friday afternoon here, the sun is shining and I highly recommend you take 20 minutes, do an image search for Almsee and just imagine sitting on its backs, toes dipping into the water, a cold beer* in your hand…

*other beverages are available

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