Thursday 9 July 2020

Admiral Lord Nelson and HMS Victory (Antigua, 1970)

So the Wikipedia entry for Lord Nelson suggests that there were a LOT of naval battles going on in the 18th century.

Nelson’s Caribbean adventures began at the age of 26 when he was given commands of the HMS Boreas and tasked with enforcing the Navigation Acts which regulated maritime trade (in the interests of the British, naturally). Nelson spent a while seizing shipments, which annoyed various other parties who were trying to trade and led to lawsuits, a risk of imprisonment for Horatio and a period of enforced sequestration on his ship while the various cases went through the courts.

Whilst in the Caribbean, Nelson met his wife Fanny and hung out with various slave owners, leading to a strong anti-abolitionist position when he returned to Britain.,_1st_Viscount_Nelson

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