Sunday 28 June 2020

Fishing Cat (Sri Lanka, 1981)

Introducing the fishing cat, a medium-sized wildcat – about twice the size of a housecat – native to South and South East Asia. As an adaptation to its semi-aquatic life, it has layered fur, with an inner shorter layer providing warmth and waterproofing and a longer outer layer making it look like a very cool cat. Fishing cats live in wetlands, swamps and marshes and are largely nocturnal.

Solitary creatures, fishing cats can swim long distances. They eat pretty much anything, but the majority of their diet is usually fish, which they catch either by grabbing it from the water or diving in to give chase.

The video below may be the cutest thing to appear on this website so far: indulge yourself in 3 minutes of fishing cat kittens seeing water for the first time…

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