Saturday 9 May 2020

200th Anniversary of American Independence (France, 1976)

Mutual influences between France and America helped shape the outcomes of their political upheavals in the late 1800s. Philosophers and radical thinkers shared ideas and, as the American War of Independence escalated, French help came in the form of military and financial support against the British.

I’m intrigued by the guy on the left, who gets higher billing than global megastar Bejamin Franklin. Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes, was a career ambassador and diplomat who became foreign secretary of France under Louis XVI. He was an advocate of throwing the Brits out of America, more because of his hatred for the former than any love of the latter. He committed significant French financial resources to the American cause, contributing to dire financial straits at home which in turn helped foment the French Revolution.,_comte_de_Vergennes

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