Saturday 5 December 2020

Christmas (Denmark, 1983)

Possibly the most adorable stamp so far, this colourful specimen hails from Denmark. Some interesting snippets for you: the main Christmas meal is eaten on the evening of Christmas Eve. A common starter is a rice pudding dish, containing a whole almond. Whoever gets the almond wins a gift, which is usually marzipan shaped like a pig (hey, don’t knock it, we eat chocolate rabbits at Easter). There’s often a specially brewed Christmas beer, which can be quite sweet and lower in alcohol, so presumably a nice treat for the kids…

There is also a small creature called a nisse, who is – curiously enough – a small pixie-like old man, with a grey and red outfit and a white beard (the visual is probably more Elf on the Shelf than Father Christmas). Traditionally, Danish families put out porridge on Christmas Eve for the nisse, as a way of ensuring good fortune.

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