Wednesday 2 December 2020

Angel (United Kingdom, 1981)

The 1981 Christmas stamp set in the UK appears to have been a competition, with children of different ages submitting designs for stamps of different denominations. Here we have something very atmospheric from Lucinda, aged 6.

I initially took this to be the Angel Gabriel who – I have just reminded myself – came to visit Mary to let her know she was going to have a son and she should call him Jesus. She was somewhat surprised.

However, on further reflection, it feels like this is the Angel who appeared to the shepherds to announce Jesus’ birth. Clues here will be the telltale star (busy leading Kings) and the snowy ground, suggesting a Winter scene, rather than a summer pregnancy announcement. I’m forgiving of the snowy ground – they could be tending mountain sheep – but I’m a bit skeptical about the appearance of a church… However, when I was 6, I was mainly interested in sucking my thumb and throwing things, so I shall admire Lucinda for her creativity, congratulate her on her stamp, and wonder where she is now, some 39 years later…

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