Tuesday 10 November 2020

Indices ‘73 (India, 1973)

A stamp about a show that celebrates stamps! This was one of four stamps issued in 1973 to mark the India International Philatelic Exhibition, the country’s first international stamp fair. This stamp preceded the others: it was used from January 1973 to promote the show, held in November. The design shows the official logo of the show and may well derive from the peacock, India’s national bird.

No link today (if you really want to know about a stamp fair in 1973, then you can find your own research path). Instead of a link, just a thank you and acknowledgement to everyone who has commented on this website over the past few months. I have done almost nothing to promote it (!) as it’s more for my distraction than anything else. But it’s nice to get the odd like from those who stumble upon these pages.

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