Tuesday 18 August 2020

Antigone Leptopus (Cameroon, 1966)

Antigone leptopus is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, also known as the coral vine, Coralita, bee bush or San Miguelito vine. More romantically, it’s also known as the chain of love. It comes with pink or white flowers. Intriguingly, it’s native to Mexico…

Coral vine seeds can be toasted and emerge a little like popcorn. Alternatively, seeds can be boiled and then fried up into cakes, or steeped in water to create a tea. As is the case with many of the plants we’ve encountered here, it has pain-relieving properties and may also be useful if you’ve got flu.

The African (and Australian) perspective is that it’s an invasive weed which dominates native plants. Elsewhere it’s sold as an ornamental plant.


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