Tuesday 11 August 2020

75th Anniversary of Post Office Savings Bank (Zimbabwe, 1980)

The Post Office Savings Bank was established in 1905 (according to the stamp) or 1904 (according to Wikipedia). It was renamed in 1999 as the People’s Own Savings Bank, retaining its acronym but perhaps changing its projected emphasis. It is fully owned by the Government of Zimbabwe and its history is entwined with the state owned telecoms, post and internet providers.

The building shown in the brilliantly orange image (it looks amazing, even after 40 years in a stamp album) is the Salisbury Post Office on a typical day in 1912. Salisbury was renamed Harare in 1982. I’m not sure what’s happened to the building, though I have just spent a while virtually walking around the city on Streetview, just in case I could spot it…


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