Thursday 6 August 2020

Argentina (Argentina, 1935-1951)

This stamp was chosen by a guest presenter – who went for the very first entry in the Trusty Stamp Album (I’ll put that down to decisiveness rather than disinterest…). This was the 1 peso stamp in Argentina between 1935 and 1951 – I can’t get a more precise date from the postmark so we’ll just let it have a long life.

Stamps like this lived through a lot: economic decline, neutrality then late entry into World War II, a frayed relationship with the US, a military coup, the rise of Juan Domingo Peron, the imprisonment of Peron for being too popular, the liberation and election of Peron, nationalisation and improved wages and working conditions, women’s suffrage, economic growth, economic decline again, the death of Eva Peron, the re-election of Peron and, at some point the design of a new generation of stamps.

If there’s something to be taken from that, perhaps it’s the constancy of the little things in times of great change. Or maybe it’s just a stamp…

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