Sunday 19 July 2020

Skofija Loka (former Yugoslavia, 1975)

Skofija Loka is a town of about 12,000 people in Slovenia. It is first mentioned in documents in 973AD and there’s a possible earlier issue of this stamp in 1973 which would have been the 1000th anniversary of the town (the internet sometimes gives multiple years for stamps). Skofija Loka translates as bishop’s meadow, which gives you an idea of the land and the traditional ownership.

The town is one of the best-preserved medieval centres in this part of Europe and has a long history associated with the church. Its Passion Play dates back to 1715 and has been revived in recent decades. There’s a visual arts festival, a monastic library with 30,000 books, some fairly intense World War II history and a long tail of medieval sieges, fires and uprisings.

I am now in love with this town. Stamps, eh?Škofja_Loka

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