Monday 13 July 2020

Palm tree (Bangladesh, 1976)

Bangladesh is home to a wide variety of palm trees – my best guess is that the above is a coconut palm but in case I’m wrong, here’s a broad survey:

The main commercial palm in Bangladesh is the coconut (cocos nucifera), which is particularly prevalent in the southern and central parts of the country. Betel nut palm is also a common and popular plant which is seen as a small farmers’ cash crop; the mature seed is mostly used for chewing alongside betel leaf. The palm-sugar industry in an age old practice in Bangladesh. The juice of wild palm (Phoenix sylvestris) and palmyara palm (Borassus flabellifer) are favoured for commercial sugar and the sap is often used as an ingredient in drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and in vinegars.

The indigenous today-palm, the exotic bottle palm, and talipot palms are the common avenue and garden plants in Bangladesh. The fish-tail palm (Caryota urens) is a common wild palm in the eastern hilly regions of Bangladesh and is cultivated as avenue tree. There are also eight species of rattans which are used for furniture making, boxes, baskets and building materials.

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