Thursday 11 June 2020

Stamp (Brazil, 1972)

Some stamps tell stories – of history, cultural, endeavour, achievement – and some stamps are just, well, stamps. Today we have a humble, everyday stamp from Brazil in 1972, in part because we haven’t featured Brazil as yet, but also to celebrate the slightly mundane.

Thinking about it, there’s nothing mundane about the basic stamp. Brazil’s postal service has to cover the world’s fifth largest nation by area and sixth largest by population; that’s 211 million people spread across 3.2 million square miles. No wonder that it is the country’s largest employer, with over 100,000 staff. In 2016, over 8 billion letters were sent through the Correios (now officially called the ECT).

It hasn’t been all rosy: Post Office officials were involved with bribery and corruption cases in the 2000s (ão_scandal) but the institution itself still carries a very high level of public trust.

For a comparison of postal services in different countries, have a read of:

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