Monday 18 May 2020

Forestry (Eswatini, 1968)

The stamps on this website come from a Trusty Stamp Album which came from my great aunt (though may not have been hers originally). Stamps range from the 1930s through to the earlly 1980s and, as such, provide a canvas of geopolitical changes and a commentary on the social and political aspects of nations through that period.

This – forestry – was part of a 1968 set celebrating industrial and agricultural progress in Swaziland. Today, planted forests of pine and eucalyptus account for about 9% of the country’s land area (and form some of the largest planted forests in the world). Natural forests account for twice as much land again. Half of the timber grown in planted forests supplies the country’s largest pulp and paper mill, a major exporter.

Back to the commentary from the first paragraph: the shifting of nations. In this case, not so much a shifting as a rebranding. In 2018, to mark the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence and – coincidentally the 50th anniversary of this stamp – Swaziland was renamed Eswatini (Land of the Swazis) by King Mswati III.

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