Thursday 30 April 2020

Elaeocarpus Sphaericus (Nepal, 1978)

A large, evergreen broad leaved tree which has medicinal and spiritual significance in Hindu cultures. Its seeds are traditionally used a prayer beeds; they are covered by an outer blue husk so are also known as blueberry beads. In Sanskrit, they are called rudrākṣa, translated as Shiva’s eye or Shiva’s third eye.

The Ayurvedic system of medicine highlights the therapeutic powers of these beads for the heart and nerves. The bead is attributed with the ability to reduce body temperature and to have a calming effect. People suffering from anxiety are advised to keep a five-mukhi (five-faced) E. sphaericus bead to regain confidence. Its chemical components are more complicated than my rudimentary science education, but suggest that it’s helpful as a relaxant and has some pain relief effects. The first link below is for the chemists; the second is for the generalists:

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