Sunday 29 March 2020

CEPT (Belgium, 1967)

CEPT is the European coordinating body for postal and telecommunications administrations. Established in 1959, it now cover 48 countries. CEPT’s activities include co-operation on commercial, operational, regulatory and technical standardisation issues related to post, radio spectrum and communications networks.

Here’s the cool thing about this stamp: it’s part of a continuing series of Europa Stamps, where each postal administration issues stamps with the same design (to 1974) or the same theme (since 1974), badged Europa, once a year. (See, that is cool.) This design features 22 cogs on a wheel, representing the 22 countries that were part of CEPT in 1967.

(When I pick stamps from the book, I have no idea what internet rabbit hole I’m going to go down. Today’s gave me both an instituion and a bit of stamp lore. Double win!)

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